Plywood for FORMWORK

Concreting companies chose us to supply plywood for their formwork repairs and everyday concreting works

Plywood for Formwork refurbishment and concreting works

Plywood with very high reuse

We work mainly with birch plywood. On this project in London, our supplied plywood was used for 18 floors and customer confirmed that plywood was still good for another project. We supplied 18mm 2500x1250 fill plywood sheets.

"Birch Boards"

With sold over 48,800m2 in 2020, this is our Nr.1 product. Clients uses these boards as an equipment and not as a consumable. Therefore plywood wastage is reduced by 44%. Striking is more safe and also installing around the slab edge is more controlled. Hence the safety of construction environment improved.
Standard size 2500x625, 18mm.

Concreting Construction is our FOCUS

Our clients are Concreting Contractors and Formwork hire and manufacturing companies. Due to our focus on one industry we know our clients well. This allows us to keep stock of plywood that we know our clients require the most. Our stock in Latvia is servicing Europe and second stock is in Rochester, UK.

We deliver to customers in:

Poland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Canada.